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Blossom Earthworks’ mission is to promote ecological solutions for urban and suburban environments.

At Blossom Earthworks it is our goal to meet your landscape needs while providing ecological and sustainable solutions for the environment.  The service we off combines the harmony of beauty, art and function through sustainable means.


Blossom Earthworks was founded in 1999 by Todd Blossom with the vision of creating “urban edens” by planting and pruning fruit trees along with maintaining and installing organic vegetable gardens. This evolved as Todd began focusing on entire landscapes by bringing together food, beauty, and function.

Currently, Blossom Earthworks manages and maintains both residential and commercial clients such as the City of Portland, Oak Street Row Houses, and the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District Offices. We install as well as maintain landscapes with a focus on ecological design.

Todd Blossom brings together an extensive landscape maintenance background with an ecological approach to landscape design and maintenance. This unique combination allows Blossom Earthworks to manage and maintain a property while looking for creative opportunities to enhance the landscape.

Storm Water Management with the City of Portland

Stormwater Facility

In our work with the City and the Bureau of Environmental Services, Blossom Earthworks enhances city-wide storm water management. This includes planting and maintaining storm water facilities in the public right of way. Storm water facilities infiltrate water back into the water table, redirecting it away from the city waste water treatment facility. The plants in storm water facilities are often native and serve multiple purposes by both taking up water and filtering toxins out of the water.

To learn more about the Green Streets program visit the City of Portland Environmental Services website.

Blossom Earthworks’ work with the City of Portland also includes residential storm water management. This project targets homes between Mt. Tabor and the Willamette River that meet specific requirements. Once the City selects a residence and comes to an agreement with the homeowner, Blossom Earthworks is brought in to implement a new storm water management system designed by the City of Portland.