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Verde serves communities by building environmental wealth through social enterprise, outreach and advocacy.

Since 2005, Verde has brought new environmental investments to Portland’s neighborhoods, involved community members in the planning and building of these investments, and ensured that low-income people and people of color directly benefited from the investments. To learn more visit the Verde website.


Roger Long

Pacific Northwest artist of many disciplines, naturalist and activist, Roger Long collaborated with Blossom EarthWorks on a project for the Still Meadow Community.



Lydia_HessLydia Hess

The design for is based on the logo and branding by wonderful illustrator and graphic designer, Lydia Hess. With an impressive client list and even more impressive artwork, we feel lucky to be counted among her many clients. To the right is an example of Lydia’s beautiful artwork. To see more, please visit Lydia’s website,