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BlossomOur Services Include:


We’ll do a site assessment, answer questions, give advice and discuss creative opportunities for your landscaping.

Initial Consultation: Complimentary in the inner-Portland area
Includes approx. 1 hr consult


After a site assessment we’ll work with you to develop a landscape plan. Our plans have a focus on ecological design, paying particular attention to energy sources, material usage, sustainability, economics and other environmental impacts. We design the landscape to meet your needs by looking at the site as a whole, fitting the style with the needs of the space and the client to provide both form and function. We’ll work with you to generate the design, supply a cost estimate, and create a timeline.

Design Services: $85.00/hour (scope and final costs are site specific)


After an initial consultation, and several design meetings, we are ready to break ground!

Our process includes:

  • Salvage and reuse existing materials (plants, stone, wood, etc.)
  • Protection of existing soil conditions
  • Soil conditioning
  • Use of native plants
  • Use of natural elements
  • Source sustainable materials

On-going Consultation

We can provide one-on-one educational site visits throughout the year.

On-going Consultation: $65.00/hr (after the initial consult)

Lanscape 2Topics:

  • Proper planting and spacing techniques.
  • General maintenance and water efficiency.
  • Pest management and attracting beneficial insects.
  • Composting and vermiculture.
  • Winter and year-round gardening.
  • Soil maintenance through cover cropping and sheet mulching.

Full maintenance

We’ll consult, build, plant, and maintain your site so that you can sit back and simply enjoy the abundance.

Maintenance: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonal
(price varies with site)