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MaintanenceGeneral Maintenance

Gardens and precious spaces are living breathing entities and thus require timely and loving care. Blossom Earthworks backs each of our installations with a periodic maintenance plan custom suited to each project so as to maintain its health and vitality.


Take care of your trees and shrubs with seasonal pruning.

Fall is the time of year for structural pruning. This promotes healthy growing and enhances the appearance of the trees and shrubs by peparing them for winter weather, giving them the room to grow and discouraging branching where it is not needed. This maintenance creates the framework for a healthy tree. Controlling size and shape can also be addressed at this time.

Pruning is also a way to add interest to the landscape. Opening trees and shrubs from the inside reveals the structure of the plant and creates the opportunity for light to shine through. Shadows dance with the leaves and the shrub has a new depth to it.